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On Death Row

Posted on the 01 May 2012 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
On Death Row While interviewing a death row inmate only eight days before his execution for his harrowing documentaty "Into the Abyss", Werner Herzog came across several other inmates awaiting their final judgement, and decided to expand his film into a four part television miniseries. Made in the same immediate, unflinching manner of the documentary, "On Death Row" features five inmates divulging their involvement in their alleged crime as well as emotive details of life on death row, which in turn is supplemented by crime scene footage and interviews with professionals involved in the case. Although providing a disclaimer stating he rejects the death penalty, Herzog projects these stories through an objective lens, presenting facts and clear observations while letting his subjects plead his case. Most of Herzog's work, both fiction and nonfiction, seem to be peppered with great moments of wonder, be it an incredible moment of insight from his interview subject or some sort of remarkable happening he was able to catch on film. Watching this insightful and heartbreaking series, it is a little clearer to see how he comes about them, with his gentle manner and acute questions. "On Death Row" is an agonizing film that, like its immediate predecessor, is a sharp critique of our culture and a sullen look at wasted lives.

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