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On Being Bold on My Birthday

By Marilyngardner5 @marilyngard

So….today is my birthday! For years, I would wander around my workplace, Eeyore-like, thinking “No one is going to wish me a happy birthday. I hate this. I hate being here.”

And then I watched my gorgeous and sassy friend from Portugal on her birthday. She let everyone, I mean EVERYONE, know about her birthday. And she was so happy. And we all celebrated her and wished her happy birthday and it was great.

So this year – I’m being bold. I’ve told everyone it’s my birthday. Big meeting with advertising company? “It’s my birthday!” I announced as I came in late. Bus driver? “It’s my birthday!” I said as I got on the bus. Colleagues I barely know? “It’s my birthday!” I say. So now everyone knows, and it is so much fun!

I bought a pumpkin cake with cream cheese and pecans to my work. I bought pretty napkins. I’m celebrating!

Because – My Birthday!

And so here in this space, I’m going to be so bold as to ask for something. The director of three schools for Syrian refugee kids in Lebanon has a dream of having a small library in each school. And we want to make it happen.

We want to send her $15,000 – $5000 per school. One of the schools is in a poor area of Beirut, the second is in Bekaa Valley, the third is in South Lebanon. These schools reach the most at-risk children who have lost one or both parents. The teachers are amazing, dedicated professionals who love these kids.

So through Conscience International we are raising funds. I am so excited about using Communicating Across Boundaries to help in this way! In the past year, the blog has grown exponentially and I know the audience. You care about the world! You hang your hearts across the globe and grow to love the countries where you live and work. You care about the marginalized and the refugee. You read and comment and pray.

So on my birthday – I would love to ask if you can give toward these libraries. Here is the link to donate. In the area where it says: “I want my donation to go toward”, highlight Lebanon from the dropdown list. Then where it says “in honor or memory of” – you can put Communicating Across Boundaries, so we can track what has come in.

Thank you so much for reading! And Happy Birthday to me! 

On Being Bold on my Birthday
On Being Bold on my Birthday
On Being Bold on my Birthday

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