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Olympics Cont. - NBC Fail

By Expatmum @tonihargis
I don't want to harp on about the bad NBC coverage of the Olympics over here. But I will. (There's a special hashtag on Twitter - #NBCFail for that very purpose.)
For a start, even though we get some "live" coverage in the mornings, NBC insists on merging it in with their regular morning show "The Today Show", so we keep cutting to bloody Jamie Oliver cooking segments and learning how to toss a salad in under 30 seconds. I like the chap but, there's a time and a place.
And even though they've been there for a week now, the presenters are still calling it "Bucking-Heyam" Palace". Grrr. Do your homework people.
What coverage there is is very arbitrary. Yesterday (Monday July 30th) when Zara Phillips made her first equestrian appearance, they did a brief three minutes on her position in the Royal Family and then moved back to the Men's Team Gymnastic debacle. We won't be seeing any equestrian competition till Tuesday evening for some reason.
And talking of the ridiculous scenario when the Japanese gymnastic team somehow managed to persuade the judges that they had all made a mistake, the guy didn't really fall off the Pommel horse, and please-could-we-have-our-silver-medal-back-please, NBC said "While they're sorting this problem out, we'll go to commercial", as if the whole thing wasn't pre-recorded and had been "sorted" about 7 hours previously. What the what?
But wait, what's that you say? They're showing live tennis over on the Bravo channel? Oh - there is a god!

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