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Oklahoma Concealed Carry Guy Has Gun-Dropping Incident

Posted on the 15 November 2012 by Mikeb302000
Local news reports
A gun went off at a Tulsa hospital where the speeding bullet barely missed flammable medical equipment. Officers responded to a call at the hospital on Monday and learned a patient’s gun fell out of his jacket in the doctor’s room and fired. No one was hurt. 
"It's clearly a violation and you have to follow the rules,” said Tulsa Police Sergeant Kurt Dodd. Signs posted on the doors at St. John Medical Center warn patients they can’t bring a gun into St. John.  
"He stated he always carries his gun with him," said Dodd. A Derringer, small two-shot pistol with no trigger guard. 
During the St. John incident, police took away the man’s concealed carry license and sent it to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations. OSBI will determine if his license will be revoked. Police did not arrest the man but the District Attorney could charge him with reckless handling of a firearm. That would require jail time and a fine up to $1,000. Oklahoma state law prohibits gun owners from carrying firearms concealed or openly into airports past TSA security, public meetings, schools, federal buildings, courthouses, college campuses, sporting events and bars. OSBI reports last year they issued 24,000 handgun licenses and less than 2% were revoked and only two were for recklessness.
How much you wanna bet his license is not revoked?  That's one way the keep the percentage down.  The other, the main one is that no one is checking if people who commit crimes have a concealed carry permit.  It just doesn't come up.
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