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Oklahoma & Autism {Kind of Like Oil & Water}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
   When we tried to get our son the help he needed at school we hit walls. Even though we tried everything from IEPs to working at home to meeting, meetings, meetings we never got a hand.  While checking into what to do we called our school board, Autism non-profits, & even contacted a State Representative to see if anyone could please oh please at least point us in the right direction. What we got was 4 options:
  1. Relocate your family to one of the two cities in Oklahoma that have parents with autistic kids that have sued the schools & won some of the benefits that are needed.
  2. Relocate to another state that has better funding for schools & programs to not only train but equip teachers with what they need. {A NY Times article showed that Oklahoma Public Schools were in the bottom 5 states in the NATION as far as how much they spend on their students}
  3. Home school
  4. Utilize the  Lindsey Nichole Henry Scholarship For Students With Disabilities Program Act. A program where a special needs student can be sent to a private school that may offer what that student needs, if you can even find such a school. The school/state pays for this because it is cheaper for them to pay for these few students to go to the school than it is to keep them at the public school.
   Well since the State Of Oklahoma was running behind on actually visiting each autistic child's home & in person punching them in the face they decided to just take one of those 4 options off the table! The Lindsey Nichole Henry Scholarship Act is now, according to a Tulsa, OK Judge unconstitutional. Wow! If you want to read the story feel free to visit the local Tulsa news station here. OR you could just do what I did & throw up in your mouth a little bit!
   Sorry for the rant but I saw it on the news & wanted to throw up! They say it's unconstitutional because some private schools that the special needs parents may want to send their kid to might be religious & that would be public money going to a religion. Wow! Okay...I think I'm okay.....wait no might stab myself in the eye with a toothpick....okay I'm okay now. Thanks for reading & sorry for the rant!
P.S. anyone have a 4 bedroom for rent in a state that doesn't kick you in the jimmy for trying to give your kid a better life? Sorry, guess I'm irritable tonight!
Oklahoma & Autism {Kind of like oil & water}

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