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OJ Simpson, Guilty AND Framed

By Therealmcteag @therealmcteag

Last night on FOX and today on CNN OJ Simpson will confirm what we all know; He’s guilty. He was also framed.

OJ Simpson, Guilty AND Framed

He did It

It explains everything. The moment Fuhrman goes over the fence he planted the bloody glove. Don’t blame the jury!  It was amateur hour framing and he simply couldn’t be convicted. This one Phillips, Vannatter and Fuhrman. The LA Detectives who din’t feel like going through the work they were paid to do- proving OJ did it.

Since he almost goes down for it anyway its safe to blame the whole fiasco on the bad cops who didn’t do their jobs. And I’m glad I don’t live in LA cause that police department sort of scares me. Bad rep for a long time. They might come frame ME!

Instead of work the case right they decided to make it a slam dunk and planted some evidence. They were simply lazy (not that this isn’t corruption too). Best Guess was they didn’t yet appreciate the intense media focus that would pretty much expose the canalier and bad investigation, if not the framing. Hey, maybe they knew the fix was in and thats why they non chalanted it a little? The crime scene was proven to be pretty much contaminated, so what if the blood was real at that point. DNA was too new to be trusted yet.

OJ Simpson, Guilty AND Framed

Vannatter, he framed him

Whats scary is they probably did it more than just this one time too. They were dishonest lazy bad cops.

Look no further than the cop who was holding on to the suspected murder weapon for fun if you think the LAPD was doing things right at this point.

So guilty, but framed. It’s the only theory that answers all the questions.

As a final thought- Judith Reagan’s a ghoul for wanting to ever do this book and interview she’s promoting. What good can come of it? There’s no way to lock him up for it anymore. Double Jeopardy applies.

OJ Simpson, Guilty AND Framed

Fuhrman, He helped with the Framing

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