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Oh, You Think I’m in Control?

By Astylizedhysteria

I am always excited about wearing brown and black together, simply because so many people feel that mixing the two is akin punching a stranger in the face (i.e., a terrible, terrible thing to do). But those peeps are wrong, wrong, wrong. Black and brown go together so well, especially in silky fabrics that really bring out the depth of each color. And, because I cannot get dressed without incorporating some bright colors, I added a Native-American inspired necklace from Forever21. And can we talk hair for a second? On Fashionism (my second home based on how much time I spend there), there was discussion that holding your clampless iron vertically rather than at an angle results in really nice waves. Gash darnit, they are right!



shirt- Urban Outfitters
skirt- Gary Graham
shoes- Forever21
necklace- Forever21

Lastly, my latest manicure. I was trying for ink blot nails, but I keep getting “Cow print, huh? That’s…interesting.” At least I like them?

Oh, You Think I’m in Control?


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