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Oh Yes, More Twitter Updates to Know and Use Today

By Lisa @Lisapatb

Twitter Updates to Know and Start Using

Twitter updatesSince the last post I did on Twitter changes coming more Twitter updates have been implemented and are now on the way. Are you ready today for the newest Twitter updates? I received the email from Twitter that I was able to use the new Twitter Profile. I knew it was a matter of time and had a big cover image ready. But to my surprise it did not work well with mobile or even on the desktop when your profile appears in the upper left hand corner. So be prepared for your new profile images! Everyone can now update their Twitter profiles as of April 22nd. You should have that same email from Twitter in your inbox.

Tips for Your New Twitter Profile

Have several images ready for your new profile - This way you can update your profile when you receive the email if you have not already. I changed mine about 7 times before I was okay with one. When is the last time you have had your images updated?

Correct size of the large image – The image should be 1252×626 though I did notice it did NOT use all of the height on mine. You can position it as you upload the image onto the Twitter profile. (Similar to Facebook cover photos). I found it helpful to have several options to choose from as I was making my Twitter profile over (hint, hint!) 

Update Your Photo – You will notice your Twitter photo will be larger and may lose some of its clarity. I know mine did. I did not change it as I want to have a new photograph taken for my social media profiles.  This is on my to-do list! When is the last time you had your photograph updated?

New Twitter Profile for Lisapatb


mobile twitter profile
Check Your Mobile Profile - This is where I was surprised. It looks good on desktop but not on mobile, you will have to adjust once you see it on your mobile. My words covered my photo until I moved it around more. I had to drop them down further so they would not be cut off on mobile or cover my photo image. Notice too how photos show on your profile. You may want to think more of what photos you are sharing on Twitter. These are part of the new Twitter updates that many peeps may not be aware of.

More Twitter Updates To Know

Favorite Tweet or Pinned Tweet – Be prepared to have a favorite tweet for it’s one of the key new Twitter updates. It is the tweet that shows up at the top of your profile. Don’t forget to change it out so it doesn’t get stale too. I can see many people may forget this one once they set it. It’s easy to do. At the bottom of a tweet there is a 3 button look to a tweet. That’s where you click “more” option and it gives you the option to save it.

Tagging Others in Photos – This is another new feature you can start to use today. It is similar to Facebook’s feature but be careful not to use it often or you will be considered by others to be spammy peep. You can tag up to 10 people in a photo. It will not change your character count of your tweet – sweet, right?  To get this feature you must download the latest Twitter app. Mine did not work and had to uninstall and re-install on my Droid. So if you don’t see the feature, that is what you must do. It will look something like this on the right —–>  

Twitter Photo Tag

You then can choose usernames – up to 10 in all to tag the photo with. They will then be notified of the photo tag unless they have changed their privacy settings.

New Privacy Settings with Twitter Updates- Under Settings – Look for security and privacy. You will have 3 options with tagging:

Allow anyone to tag me in photosOnly allow people I follow to tag me in photosDo not allow anyone to tag me in photos

Once the names have been chosen you will see them displayed via the tweet. The names will appear right under the tweet itself. See image below left.

What Twitter photo tag looks like

Tailor Twitter Based on Website Visits – Did you know you can now set this feature if you wanted? I don’t want to limit the tweets I see but you could based on your website visits. This is not yet available for all users but you will see this new option under your privacy settings. You can also tailor the ads you see on Twitter via the same option. These Twitter updates could make Twitter now very personalized!

Twitter Updates on The Twitter Timeline - You can now choose from 3 options in which to view your Twitter timeline. Tweets (regular) or Tweets with photos and videos only or Tweets and replies. It’s great to have these new ways to view the over 500 million tweets going out per day.

There are so many new options now on how you can view Twitter. It’s up to YOU now how you will use and view tweets.

Of all the Twitter updates what are your favorite new features?

I love the favorite or pinned tweet option. If you have a great tweet, subject matter, etc it can be shown right at the top of your profile until you change it. Great for timely news, contests, etc. Just don’t forget to update it. Don’t just set and leave it.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the newest Twitter updates in the comments.

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