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Oh So

Posted on the 26 May 2020 by Laolga @olgabluebabe

Oh so much Oh so little I fell apart Before becoming brittleAnd I still stood strongWhen I could notAnd I still felt armsWhen there’d be noneAnd I felt for thee, for yeahHow’d I’d ever come some But forget ye, me How’d I’d ever love oneI’d not a hand or panOn my life nor mineA simpleton of thineAnd I don’t expect Any expectancy Since I’d n’er be oneNor any of thee And they still don’t likeAny piece of me 
Guess I had and would And moments to be ‘stoodAnd flattened that pieceI’d never had it all of thisI miss you friend of loveI miss you and you were done We had a minute, oh sweet it wasWe had a quick brush of love And you’re gone and so am ITides a flowing forthwith of a tithe Tides come back on our hides!
Oh thank and thanks be wellI’ve still lived and I’m still wellAnd better yet to know of youAnd farther than I had wished still However this plays our piece Granted one grace of this 
(c)OWM/Sperling Lider, BMI

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