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Og on the Bog: Review & Competition

By Evette Garside @evette77

Deep down in the dark spooky woods of Drumond Park, lives a horrible revolting monstrous type creature named Og. Og spends most of his time sat on his bog which resembles a wood cabin. Og makes disgusting farting sounds along with odd groans and listens out for children playing games and trying to pinch his loo rolls. Og will shout and talk at naughty children who come near and sometimes if they get too close, Ogs bog will explode and scare them away.

Og on the Bog: review & Competition
Of course Og isn't really real, he's a character in the latest fun game from Drumond park. I found this title really amusing it sort of sounds like an April fool but no it's a real game.

The game needs batteries to start but minimal assembly. Og is fixed to his bog and the cabin is easily put up around him.

Og on the Bog: review & Competition
A loo roll holder is attached to the bog cabin and players take turns using a spinner.

Og on the Bog: review & Competition
Several sounds and strange music will be played from the bog and the spinner has several different game play turns.

* A red cross means you've made a noise and it's not safe to tip-toe up to Og's Bog, so your turn is over and the next player spins.

* The hand holding a loo roll means you can pinch a loo roll from any other player! * A green tick - This means you can stealthily try to steal a loo roll from Og's loo roll pole... and here's the tricky part. You have to push down the front step of the bog to see if Og has heard you. If he says anything, he has - and you must run away; your turn is over.

The winner is the one to collect so many loo rolls.

Every so often Og will get really annoyed and the bog will explode!

Og on the Bog: review & Competition
And a very annoyed Og will be revealed. The player who caused the bog to explode then needs to put back 2 of their loo rolls.


The game is aimed at children aged 5 and over, tho as always Izebella has managed to join in no problems and she is almost 3. She does get scared when the bog explodes tho. 2-4 players and an rrp of £22.99.

Drumond Park are giving away a copy of Og on the Bog game. Perfect for Christmas. Open to UK residents and will end October 30th.

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