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Off World Creativity

By Rodjonesartist
Off World Creativity

Off World Creativity: By now we should all be able to agree that thoughts are actual things. If we can agree on that. Then let’s question where do those thoughts actually live? Are our thoughts always just in our brains? Of course they are not only expressed verbally, but often expressed with the eyes, or something as simple as touch like holding hands. Thoughts can be expressed in many posturing ways.

Emotional thinking is what makes us uniquely human when we choose to connect with others. Telepathically, we connect with everything, including inanimate and animate objects, living or nonliving.

Expressing creativity in all its various forms are constructed from thoughts within. If thoughts are actual things, then where do they originate? What are their true origins? We all give birth in our minds to what we like to think are original and authentic thoughts and ideas. Do they actually materialize in our minds? Do they reach us from off world creativity?

Our bodies, and our minds are made up of celestial particles. The true elements of life started in the beginning of all time. They manifested by whatever astronomic means, and ultimately ended up in all forms of life.

Creativity is the ether of the universe, and it reveals itself in our sometimes routine-like thinking, which can best be described as off world creativity.

“I embraced creative thoughts and ideas as they were served to me from a universe that was more often than not, more generous than I deserved.”

Rod Jones artist-writer

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