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Of Pakistan and Hypocrisy

By Bytesandbanter @bytesandbanter

Every now and then, whenever things with Pakistan get fussy (read: screwed up); there is a sudden outcry hether and thither to send Pakistani artists or sportspersons or not to allow them in. Sadly enough it's not just Shivsena or someone similar, but even sportspersons standing up and advocating 'No Entry' to players from Pakistan. Olympian and Arjun Awardee , former Indian player Mukesh Kumar suggest that commentators like Ramiz Raja and Wasim Akram should also be sent back, as if they were the ones who beheaded the Indian soldiers
Times Of India carried a front page story title " Curtains for Pak Actors at Jaipur Fest" . Pakistani theater artists had a play scheduled for yesterday evening which was soon cancelled and within moments the poor chaps left for their homes.
Most articles on news websites would be found full with comments such as these "One side Pakistani terrorists are killing Indian people. Pakistan is printing FAKE CURRENCY of India at large scale. Other side the Indian cabinet allowed Thousand of Pakistani Artists, Players, singers, writers, actors TO EARN MILLIONS OF RUPEES. SHAME ON Indian Governemnt. "
Why are artists, sportspersons held responsible for whatever happens on the borders? Why is allowing them to be here seen as a sign of tolerence? Yes, Pakistani infiltrations or misdemeanors are not pardonable . Yes the act of beheading two Indian soldiers on the borders by Pakistani troops is dastardly, The military and government are responsible for it . Not the artists or sportsperson, not even the common man accross the border, I suppose. They, I suppose are people more or less like . who would enjoy to watch the rivalry. 
Satish Acharya's cartoon speaks enough on the issue,
 Of Pakistan and Hypocrisy
And as far as Ms. Khar calling us warmongers is concerned, " it's like  a drunk motorcyclist banging into a parked car and saying "Accident karvana hai kya?" ( courtesy @chetan_bhagat )

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