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Of Dogs and Mailmen

By Expatmum @tonihargis
There's a new survey out, done by the US Post Office, showing where you're most likely to be attacked by a dog when delivering the mail. LA tops the list, (69), San Antonio (42) comes second, and Chicago is third with 41.
My first thought was, "Why are they doing this survey?" and then I read that it's National Dog Bite Prevention Week next week.  Now I'm thinking "Why just for one week?" Do the dogs then go back to snarling at the mailmen the following Monday?"
But the reality is that mail carriers/postal workers do bring out the erm, animal in a lot of otherwise perfectly decent dogs. Mine anyway, goes berserk when she sees our lovely chap, even if he's across the street. It's embarrassing as he's never so much as frowned at her.
She doesn't really like anything on wheels passing her at speed so skateboarders are also subject to a bark and quick show of the not inconsiderable fangs. (Thank goodness she seems to be OK with baby buggies). I assumed she was afraid of the little trolley bag our mailman has,
Of Dogs and Mailmen
but no - she barks at him on sight. Must be following the Pavlov rules. 
So anyway, as I said, it's National Dog Bite Prevention week starting May 19th. Not quite sure what we're supposed to do now, since any decent dog owner would presumably be making sure his/her dog was safe anyway. Nice idea though.

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