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Ode to the Far Shore by Khaty Xiong

By Pamelascott

Nº3 in the Platypus Press 2412 chapbook series

"This free, concise and solemn collection, by Khaty Xiong is heady with the atmosphere of loss but pregnant with that sharp sense of the solitary transition through familial moments, all the while heedful of the miraculous beauty of the surrounding mundane. The grace carried in these five small vessels, moves us not quite across, but out into the open waters where, rocking gently in reflection, that far shore is visible. Take your time with it." -David Anthony Martin


[Just a drop ago & we could sow plenty then & in no such luck - AUBADE}


(Platypus Press, 1 December 2016, ebook, 12 pages, freebie from the publisher)



This is my first time reading the poet.

The poems in Ode to the Far Shore are full of imagery that draws on the four senses. The poems use experimental and non-traditional forms. I like it when poets take bold moves and try to be a little bit different. The best example is Circadian. I got a real sense of beauty and wonder from the poems. My favourite poem was Permission. There's something I really loved about it.

Shore Khaty Xiong

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