Ode to Loïe Fuller

Posted on the 28 February 2014 by Lottilou @LOTTILOUL

Yesterday I've discovered for the first time in an exhibition, this divine dancer.I fell under the charm of this marvelous and oneiric serpentine dance ...
 Loïe Fuller; (January 15, 1862 – January 1, 1928) was a pioneer of both modern dance and theatrical lighting techniques.
Born Marie Louise Fuller in the Chicago suburb of Fullersburg, now Hinsdale, Illinois,
Fuller began her theatrical career as a professional child actress and later choreographed
and performed dances in burlesque (as a skirt dancer), vaudeville, and circus shows.
An early free dance practitioner, Fuller developed her own natural movement
and improvisation techniques. Fuller combined her choreography with silk costumes
illuminated by multi-coloured lighting of her own design.Read more 

My inspiration 

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As we are talking about dance, if you haven't seen it yet, I recomend this movie to you Silver Linings Playbook

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