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Odd GoDaddy Auction Activity, Might Be Tied to New Appraisal Valuations

Posted on the 14 May 2017 by Worldwide @thedomains

Odd GoDaddy auction activity, might be tied to new appraisal valuations

So GoDaddy revamped their appraisal tool and now when someone is bidding at GoDaddy auctions they see where GoDaddy is valuing the name.

Elliot Silver wrote a couple articles on the topic. On Twitter and as a sidenote in the Daily Sales Recap on I expressed my doubts about this.

@DInvesting @godaddyauctions I think it hurts GoDaddy more than helps if worthless names have $1,000 + values attached. Just my opinion.

— TLD Investors (@TLDInvestors) May 12, 2017

So now tonight I am reading a thread on Namepros where a member points out seemingly worthless names getting a bid, early into the auction process.

It turns out these names all have appraised values over $1,000. valued at $1,458 ? This name certainly does not have that kind of value. Now in the past there were some high valuations on seemingly worthless names, the one difference was GoDaddy was showing traffic of say 10,000 +. This listing shows traffic of 2!

Odd GoDaddy auction activity, might be tied to new appraisal valuations valued at $1,535 valued at $1,374 valued at $1,074 valued at $1,121

Of course this is just a random sample, I just think it makes GoDaddy look like they don’t understand valuations. If an industry outsider is first introduced to domaining by reviewing GoDaddy auctions and seeing these valuations, it’s the wrong first impression.

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