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October Newsletter

By Mariealicerayner @MarieRynr

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I spent about a week or so at the end of September, beginning of October cooking and putting together a newsletter for The English Kitchen, in addition to what I normally do for this page.  The idea I had in mind was to create a monthly newsletter each month, seasonal bonus newsletters put out 4 extra times a year, in total 16,   to offer to my readers at a set price.  I worked really hard on it, and had fun with it.
It's not something I talk about a lot on here, but things have been really difficult in our home since I lost my full time job 3 1/2 years ago.  WE didn't just lose my job, but we lost our home, and then our car, and then . . . well, you know how it goes.  I know I am not alone in saying that things just seem to be getting harder and harder financially as time passes, and in this modern economy.  I have tried really hard to find ways to bring in some income to our home.  The reality is nobody wants a 58 year old chef with arthritis.  Cheffing is a young person's game.   I've tried selling my artwork, but again . . . this is a young person's game.  I am also absolutely no good at marketing myself, once again . . . Old dog/new tricks.
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I have seen blogs with donate buttons on them, and I have always thought . . . that is NOT the route I wanted to go.  I put a lot of work into my page, but it is a labor of love.  I like to present recipes to you that are delicious and current and seasonal, using fresh and interesting ingredients and I will confess that it is getting harder and harder to do that, but the thought of charging or asking for donations to enable me to continue to do so, quite simply leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  It just isn't something I want to do.  In reality I am going to continue to do this no matter what, simply because I love doing it.
So what am I saying???  Selling you a newsletter seems like just another money grab to me, and I don't want to do that.   I guess I am saying this . . . so that all my work on the October newsletter wasn't in vain, I want to send a free copy to each of you who wants it.   Just leave a comment on this post with your e-mail address, or, if you are afraid to do that, e-mail me privately and ask for it.  My e-mail address is in the Right hand side column of this page.
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It's a 25 page PDF document, filled with lots of seasonal temptations and ideas.  Yours, simply for the asking.   Enjoy.
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Depending on the popularity of it and on the time I have available I will try to have another one done for November, and if not November, at least a Christmas one.  I really did enjoy putting it together and working on it!!!
And maybe in the meantime my Fairy Godmother will wave her magic wand and I will come up with a cookbook deal, or sell one of my illustrated children's books to an agent, or Hallmark will come a callin!   Dreams are free, right? 

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