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October Begins

By Ozhene @papaver
"October Awakening
I saw october awakening right infront of me
And it was amazing
Because I Knew that I was going to be a part of october"
Aldo Kraas
October has arrived and with it the weather has made a further subtle turn.  There is still sun to be had but now we have more mist and fog and even some rather welcome rain over the last couple of days.  The air has got that smell of Autumn, sort of moist slightly sweetly starting to rot and with just a hint of bonfire.
October begins Already we have the promise of next year's flowers on the magnolia tree.
October begins The marigolds in the vegetable borders are getting ready to self-seed, October begins There is something almost spidery about their seed heads at this point in time.
October begins There is still plenty of colour, October begins Today it is still warm enough to have some butterflies wafting around, though this one looks a little damp, I'm wondering if it got rained on? October begins The birds and wasps are seeing to the wildfalls.
October begins October begins
The leaves are starting to turn,
October begins October begins the flowers are fading,
October begins
There's no need to hunt for a red October though, the colours are arriving all by themselves.
I like October.

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