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Occupy Wall Street - Uptown & Downtown - Cities Must Crumble

Posted on the 21 November 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
I recently wrote a piece entitled MODERN CITIES MUST CRUMBLE, and this video shows why I still stand by that rather contentious assertion.
It's truly amazing how quickly 'cities' become gated communities vs ghettos. Apparently OCCUPY WALL STREET, that bedded itself in Zucotti Park, already has an 'uptown' and a 'downtown'. At some point, they're gonna wanna set up a council then have some sewers dug, then they'll all be claiming benefit and we're back to the me me me of Square One where everyone's in conflict trying to prison-food the planet for their little piece of it.
Those protestors need some communal lovin', some tribal bonding, some gel.
Isn't it obvious that CITY LIVING's always gonna be 'us vs them' until we revert to (some global-activated form of) tribal living where EVERY PERSON in their chosen Diversity is a part of every decision of that Diversity. You don't like it, you move elsewhere...
Fuck your communist despotism.
Fuck your capitalist despotism.
Fuck your money game that leads to nothing but misery, you fucks.
"Do right by Free Planet," is the only way to save this Global Empire-ruined world.

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