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Observe Your Dreams to Understand Your Subconscious Mind

By Superinspire @nenadciric

Observe your dreams to understand your subconscious mind

People are usually afraid of their “wacky” dreams, they talk about them as an anecdote, as something funny and meaningless. This is just another way we ignore our reality. When our body is at sleep, our subconscious mind let’s us see a clear message about our hidden fears, doubts, believes and all possible aspects of our identity that serve us no good. It’s like all the things we are constantly running away from in our every day life, surface in our dreams and there is no way we can escape from them.

I’m not talking about those strange dreams where something specific we saw during the day manifests in our dreams which we forget easily. I’m talking about those emotional and intense dreams that we remember for a long time and that make us think. Once you stop and analyze your abstract dreams and try to find a rational explanation for different situations and objects you saw during sleep, your life can truly improve.

Every significant person, object or situation we dream about symbolizes a certain part of our real life that we need to work on. For example, money is usually synonymous with power. School mostly means you have some issues with your childhood you can’t let go. There are some good books with dream interpretations and also a lot of good and free websites like where you can consult the “dream dictionary” and find simple yet useful explanations. Sweet dreams everyone!

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