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Obama's Blindness

Posted on the 12 June 2014 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

Gerard Nadal is reacting to the latest school shooting and Obama's abysmal response:

WHY are these shootings taking place, and WHY now?

We have tighter restrictions on gun purchase and ownership than in any time in America. There is a seeming proportionality between restrictions and violence, but even that cannot explain the motives. CognitivedissonanceWhere motive is concerned, there is no one, single, prognosticator. It is rather akin to looking at a painting and taking it all in at once. The components defy logical analysis of themselves and only function in a unified and organic wholeness with one another.

Obama is too myopically focussed on the gun to see the coarsening to life that he himself has championed his whole adult life. He fails to see the 57 million babies torn apart in abortion.

He fails to see the overwhelming majority (~80%) of post-abortive mothers with psychological sequelae.

He fails to see an African American community decimated by 15 million missing members from abortion.

He fails to see the victims of his health legislation who have lost their physicians and their health policies and consequently their cancer therapies.

He fails to see violent video games that are virtual training academies for the real-life violence in our schools.

He fails to see a medical community increasingly lazy and given to passive and active euthanasia.

He fails to see his own failures at stemming the tide of illegal drugs.

He fails to see his Hollywood pals and their culpability in producing a river of filth.

He fails to see the effects of pornography on the devaluation of both men and women.

He fails to see his role in destroying the economic girders that produce jobs, which give young people hope and purpose.

He fails to see how rampant teenage promiscuity factors into young people regarding one another more as objects that exist solely for one’s personal pleasure than as peers to be cherished, and cheerleads Planned Parenthood as they prey upon our children.

He fails to see the abdication of parental responsibility in raising children and overseeing their progress in school.

He fails to see that he presides over a nation that has lost everything:

Standing in the world.


Sense of mission and purpose.

And worst of all, the very thing he campaigned to restore… HOPE.

So myopically focussed on the guns in this portrait of modern America is our president, that he sees nothing else. The proximal and distal causes all collapse into one dimension with him. Such a man is incapable of leadership, and as we have seen since the beginning, can only blame everyone else for the difficulties over which he presides.

But blaming Obama is as myopic as the president’s vision.

The rest is a must read.

One of the reasons the focus of this blog has changed is that I've come to recognize, finally (I'm slow), that there's no political solution to what ails us a nation.

We're facing a spiritual crisis that manifests itself in political problems, economic problems, other problems.

Attempting to solve the symptoms is futile.  Oh there may be temporary gains and rebounds but in the end, we'll face what we're facing again until we attack the root cause.  The root cause is that as a people, as a society, we are dismissive of God.  It's that simple.  

However, this isn't something we look outward with pointed finger and ask others to tackle.  It begins at home.  It begins with the person in the mirror.

The nation is restless because we are pursuing wrong things.  We need to pursue Truth, Truth as a person.

With vigor and passion.

Lord, help me, help us, to do so, to persevere in that pursuit, to not give up, to trust and to believe.


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