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Obama Played Cards as SEALS Raided Bin Laden-- Rare Reggie Love Video

Posted on the 16 August 2013 by Hughvw
Allen West, the fiery former congressman from Florida reacted to the revelation that while the Navy SEALs were risking their lives carrying out his order to raid the Bin Laden compound, and kill OBL, the Commander-in-Chief was off playing “15 games of Spades” in the residential area of the White House instead of being in the Situation Room.  Obama’s former “body man” – Reggie Love – made the statement in an interview for Artists and Athletes Alliance and the video was posted on YouTube. (After Drudge Report linked to a site posting the video, it was promptly taken down by  the Artists and Athletes Alliance.  Copies, of course, were made We have  one here for LC  readers:  [Hat tip to Nice Deb]

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