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"Obama Appeared to Labor Particularly Hard to Stay Awake"

Posted on the 07 February 2013 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

We do like our Presidents to labor hard on our behalf but...

President Obama appeared exceedingly sleepy at the annual National Prayer Breakfast today, looking SleepyObamalike he was having trouble staying awake as others spoke and delivering his own remarks ponderously, with heavy eyelids and a tired visage.

Obama, who rarely holds a publicly announced event before 10:00 am and is known to be a nighthawk, was forced to show up at the breakfast at 7:55 am.

While listening to the warmup speakers, the president’s eyes were frequently downcast, he appeared drawn, and he was chewing gum, presumably the Nicorette he is known to use to satisfy his nicotine addiction without smoking. He occasionally brushed a finger onto an eye, as if trying to remove morning crust or wetness. He sometimes seemed to miss his cues to laugh or smile politely at jokes.

Obama appeared to labor particularly hard to stay awake while opera singer Andrea Bocelli performed a dirge-like classical song accompanied only by piano.

Perhaps it's time for another Presidential vacation given how hard he's working... to stay awake.

4 more years.


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