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NYC Shopping for The Bride

By Innstilettos

NYC Shopping for The Bridephoto courtesy of In the Big Apple today, trying to find some trinkets for my daughter's upcoming wedding.  My daughter and I  have decided we are creative enough  to come up with some of the decorations.  This brings me here and of course...I am always here to look for shoes!!!
There are parts of New York City, as in many big cities, that specialize in wholesale oh my...can you find a selection to pick.  There were wooden boxes, and mosses, pretty flowers and twisted metal pieces.  All items that would fit perfectly into her country theme.
NYC Shopping for The
The wedding is less than four months away and although time is of the essence...there was a lot to choose.  We are going to go back and stroll (quickly) through all of my cutouts and magazines.  We will take a little from this and maybe more from that to create exactly what she wants. 
The final list was done today and I must admit there is still so much that needs to be done...more than I am comfortable.  Last night we met with John's parents to finalize the rehearsal dinner which is going to be lovely.  But I have to admit,  I had small pangs of jealously when it will be my turn to be the mother of the groom.  For now, I will enjoy the spats, the laughs, the endless glue gun burnings, and glitter that has now traveled to every orifice of my home. 
NYC Shopping for The
Yes, in less than four months, another milestone will be crossed so I plan on enjoying every moment of this time.
Deborah Stilettos

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