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NYC LEGO Exhibit Inspired by Famous Masterpieces

By Creativevisualart @creativevisart

New York LEGO Exhibit Inspired by Famous Masterpieces


LEGO Exhibit Inspired Famous Masterpieces







You might have heard about The Art of the Brick, the world’s most elaborate LEGO display at Discovery Times Square New York Museum. Building on the success of that exhibit there’s a newer, bigger and better LEGO art exhibit that has a variety of work inspired by many famous artists throughout history. LEGO master Nathan Sawaya has reproduced the collection of masterpieces using only the small, colorful brick toys. The show features works inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, Edvard Munch and Johannes Vermeer.

Sawaya’s reinterpretations are composed of thousands of LEGOs that he glues together, piece by piece: the Mona Lisa includes 4,573 bricks, Rodin’s Thinker has 4,332 pieces; and most grand of all, a large-scale dinosaur consisting of 80,020 pieces stretches across the middle of the room. Another prominent piece is Whistler’s Mother, a three dimensional interpretation of the notable painting by James Whistler.

“I wanted to give her that very puritanical look, so that when you look at her face you’ll see her expression is a bit stern. But I thought that was appropriate,” Sawaya explained.

via Redesign Revolution, The Impractical Thirtysomething, NY Times

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