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Nutrition and Exercise Strengthen Muscles Well #MyFriendAlexa #PebbleInWatersWrites #EnsureStrongerInsideOut

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Health is of utmost importance in life. Without a good health, everything else in life is colorless, tasteless, and useless. If you are healthy in all aspects, you will feel a unique kind of calmness in your mind, and an internal happiness all the time. You will enjoy doing everything you do. A sound mind and body keeps us fit and keeps us away from fatigue, sadness, depression, frustration, etc. So, if health is so important, what do we do to keep ourselves fit. Health is a beautiful unending journey that is covered with the help of a good, healthy, and nutritious diet; and regular exercise for mind and body. That makes nutrition an essential part of our daily diet. A balanced nutritional diet has a great potential of strengthening our muscles and bones. That is why, it becomes important to check muscle age on regular intervals.

Nutrition and Exercise Strengthen Muscles Well #MyFriendAlexa #PebbleInWatersWrites #EnsureStrongerInsideOut                                    Source:

Muscle age test not only tells about the fitness status of our muscles, but it also is a good way to find if our muscles are aging faster. It might happen that our muscles are aging faster in comparison to my age. That is a very risky preposition. We can come to know about it only if we perform this test at an early age and keep performing it on a regular interval, say, every 6 months or so. So stronger muscles have a very deep connection with stronger body. If we think a little further, it clearly states that health can only be maintained well with the help of nutrition and exercise. To #EnsureStrongerInsideOut, it is important to build a perfect balance between intake of nutritional diet and exercising on a regular basis. Both go hand in hand.

Obviously, only nutrition will become a burden on the body to digest and deliver to every cell of the body. It is only exercising that can help in benefitting from a good intake of nutrition. Now, on the other hand, only exercise without nutritional diet is not possible. It can happen once or twice, but it is like pushing an engine without proper fuel. So, unless and until our body has proper fuel, how can we keep exercising on a regular basis. I am talking about daily intake of nutrition and daily exercising.

Taking the muscle age test is quite simple. You just need to find a suitable chair that is around 43 cm or 1.4 ft in height. That is the first step, and it's quite simple. The next step is also as simple as this. Keep a stop watch handy. These days, every smartphone or feature phone has that. So, what you need to do is, fold your arms like you see in my video below in which I am performing my muscle age test. Start the stopwatch and go sit-to-stand 5 times. Note down the time you took to perform it. Take the muscle age test here. You will need to enter the time you noted to get your muscle age. So, my muscle age test revealed that my muscle age is almost 10 years more than my age. That is something serious.

I am going to relook into my nutrition intake very seriously and plan my exercising schedule and pattern accordingly. May be, a right dietician for a counseling session is the right call!

Check your muscle age here

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