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Born Of The Caul/Real Or Not? by misslatoya

Susan said 2 days ago


Hi, My name is Susan ..And am also born with the veil
Since young I never got to have friends cause people constantly rejected me and I weird dreams of ghost and I even saw some at times ..Ive been a loner yes,
Bt now it seems to be worse ..I had a friend but since last year I thought to myself I wana do things on my own ..I’m no pretender am a straight talk and have an honest behavior.. And some people dont lik me becaus of the way I am ..I get dreams ,I hear my inne guide talkin to me .. And in the middle of the nyt once I turn something tells me to stand up and pray .. And ths happens almost everynight .. ,There are somethings that I keep to myself I think I need help caus am being misunderstood ..Pleas help

Miss LaToya:

The majority of people cannot deal with the truth, don’t want to hear the truth and will not admit to the truth. They also refuse to accept that everyone does not live within the same circumstances of what pertains to truths. People often try to define others and the lives of others through viewpoints derived from their own lack of knowledge as they only know or believe what they’re accustomed to.

Many people don’t like strong, keen, and straightforward people who are brutally upfront and tell it like it is as they are insecure, liars, manipulators and irrational human beings that hate and fear what they cannot dominate or duplicate and that constantly reminds them of their own levels of inadequacy. For some others, they take offense to our demeanor and to our words and get intimidated by us and resent us.

We of the caul tend to be loners through tangible essences that rapture us within the links and connections that we have between this world and beyond and because of our own states of unique characteristic differences in relations to others.

To a truly gifted person within their own distinction that is special; to be rejected by certain individuals is a benefit.

Speaking from experience, I have always been able to make friends and have been very well liked by certain types of people yet never had the desire to form close personal relationships with others and have been told by a few that if I were friendly I’d have an array of friendships.

When we are of a specific aura there are certain types of people that we are not supposed to be around or associate ourselves with. Our energy often does not respond favorably to certain others as our spirits may not harmoniously take to them.

We clash with what we are not of and that is a good thing that can keep us away from what is inharmonic, inconsequential, and spiritually destructive.

It is within our nature to repel and rebuke what are innately foreign individuals as interaction is not celestial allowed for our evolution and wellbeing. It is not productive or healthy for us to be around those kinds of people.

They in return will draw up wrong conclusions about us and form wrong opinions by making incorrect estimations and assessments of what they perceive us out to be.

They pick up vibes from us that they interpret as hard to explain or to understand or that which seems to them to be conflicting and they consider us as strange or odd.

The truth is that we are highly tuned in to the universe, to people, to nature, and to our surroundings and are allergic to having anything interrupt or corrupt our magnetic energy flow.

Help often comes to us within our own inner voice of spirit as well as our own personal spiritual guides that will lead, direct, and protect us within fulfilling and reflective modes if one is paying attention and is receptive to what inspires to manifest.


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