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Num Noms Series 2

By Evette Garside @evette77

The first lot of Num Noms were released earlier this year and introduced stackable scented motorised mini collect and food type figures to young children everywhere. Series 1 bought with it sweet flavours and ice cream combos. Series 2 brings with it lots of new food varieties which seem to fall towards the take away/diner theme. These include - pizza, diner, sushi, freezie pop, brunch, and Jelly bean flavour num noms.

Num Noms series 2

We have here a deluxe pack diner and two mystery pots. The deluxe pack contains 8 num nom parts and a tray with spatula. One of the num Noms is also a mystery one.

Num Noms series 2

Num Noms come as two parts - The Nums are squishy toppers that sit on top of a Nom, which are either motorized a lip balm pot mini-stampers or erasers . There are now 5000+ mix and match combos that you can make!

Num Noms series 2

Just like the first series, these also come scented. However unlike the first series it ain't all sweetness so some smell a little strange and some not so nice.

The diner pack contained hot dogs, burgers, fries, soda and ketchup and a few othe num nom flavours that you may find in a diner. They can be stacked together and will move around when switched on.

The mystery pots contain the special num noms with either lip gloss, stamper or eraser. In our mystery pots we found a lip gloss and a stamper. Izebella was very happy with her lip gloss one.

Num Noms series 2

Num Noms are very collectable and the only downside is that they are very small and therefore easily lost. It's a good idea to have a biggish tub or tin to keep them all in. To help keep track of the collection, a handy guide comes with the num noms. This guide shows all the num noms in the current series and even has a tick box to keep track of the ones we already have.

Num Noms series 2

The num noms do have the whole japansese kawaii/images feel about them. Cute, collectable and especially with the addition of lip gloss, stamps and erasers. I wonder what they will add next! Of course like most mini figure collections of this type, there is also the special editions and ultra rare ones to find, which may be worth somethng to a keen collector in years to come.

Here is our unboxing video, which features out cat Daisy, she seemed quite fascinated by these moving tiny things.

You will be pleased to know that num noms don't cost the earth either. The mystery pots just £2.99 each. The deluxe pack is £14.99 with the smaller starter pack at £8.99. There is also an Art cart playset and Lip gloss truck play set to accompany the num noms both costing approximately £24.99 each. Num noms are available from most good toy stores, with series 2 being introduced this month. Also available on Amazon and for ages 3 and over.

Num noms even have their own fun website

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