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Num Noms Series 1

By Evette Garside @evette77

A few weeks ago my girls (and me) reviewed the Num Noms. Num Noms are a new collectable figure type toy which come in with several parts and when stacked together they resemble food.

We have been trying out a few packs of them to make different combos.

Num Noms series 1

Num Noms refer to the different parts. The Nums being the squashy stackable parts and the Nom is the motorised bit that moves. Not only do they look cute and move but they also come scented.

The first series of num Noms all came as sweet or fruity foods with several pack options to purchase

Num Noms series 1

Both small and larger packs of Num Noms plus lucky dip surprise type boxes, containing surprise num noms.

Num Noms series 1

Each pack comes with different scents and different types of desserts to stack up. There are ove a thousand of these num noms to collect in series one alone. All the num noms from each pack can be mixed together to give unique new flavours.

Num Noms series 1
Series 2 of the num noms has recently been released too, bringing with it new food flavours and combos, so look out for the post soon.

Num Noms even have their own website. Num Noms packs and accessories are available in most good toy stores. My girls love them!

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