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NSA - You Are a Giant Walking RFID Tag

Posted on the 27 May 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
NSA - you are a giant walking RFID tagthe paranoia-inducing grain of rice-sized Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) tracking chip was never going to happen. It was a red herring, a tactical distraction, a cynical propaganda ploy wilfully distributed by the Alternative Media even.
Sure, they may have inserted RFID transmitters into 'soldiers' for experimental purposes but there appears to be No Human Rights Issue with those 'military guinea-pigs'; experimental vaccines, toxic gassing, live nuke testing.
Above an beyond that, RFID was never needed for civilian use. It was the same with massively expensive multi-parameter identification methods like Facial Recognition or Contact Recognition or Iris Recognition software/hardware - never needed - surplus to requirements. They already had the skeletal measuring software Microsoft's Kinect uses to help the CCTV report back to CHO or Corporate Head Office.
You're looking down from Space (where military/private satellites live) you don't need to see 'the whites of someone's eyes' you just need to know how they walk, even how they stand. You can easily go one further and match this up with the ubiquitous CELL PHONE that everyone dutifully carries. And by cell phone, I obviously mean your future bank, id and listening device.
But let's take it one step further - all this petty Consumerist Devicing may be surplus to requirements if we're to be convinced by NEWSVINE's assertion that MIT HAS CONFIRMED NSA MIND READING TECHNOLOGY.

We can conclude from this that the detector behind Remote Neural Monitoring, is very similar to an MEG machine. Unlike the MEG machine, this detector does not reject every other brain by shielding itself. On the contrary, it detects every signal, from every brain, in the entire nation, or 3000Km radius.
That's enough to listen to everyone in Moscow from the UK. No doubt it works the other way too.

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