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Posted on the 16 January 2013 by Mikeb302000
Newtown, CT Hero Harassed by NRA Truthers:
Now Gene Rosen, the Newtown resident who took six terrified children into their home, fed them cookies and juice, and cried for what he witnessed, has been victimized by many of the Newtown conspiracy theorists — enduring harassment detailed in a piece on Salon as the Sandy Hook truthers gain momentum on the web.
Reading of Gene Rosen’s plight after Newtown is certainly depressing — the article quotes the 69-year-old as he describes how photos of his home have been posted online, impostors have attempted to malign him on social networks, and anti-semites on white supremacy boards have mocked the “emotional Jewish guy.” An email quoted in the piece masqueraded as business-related but then went on to allege:
“How are all those little students doing? You know, the ones that showed up at your house after the ‘shooting’. What is the going rate for getting involved in a gov’t sponsored hoax anyway?”
NRA Truthers
Actually, Newtown Truthers are pretty common among the usual gunloon blogs.  Look at the comments from Jon Clark Sullivan's blog in response to his threat on the Prez:

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