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NRA on the Brady Campaign's Ad

Posted on the 19 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
via Opposing Views
The group’s new ad shows a young male shooter on a range, shooting a pistol at silhouette targets first depicting a young girl, then a series of other innocent citizens.
The imagery is meant to support the Brady assertion that, “large capacity ammunition magazines are designed to enable shooting mass numbers of people quickly and efficiently without reloading.” But in truth, the ad insults not just the intelligence of viewers, but also the good name of the millions of honest Americans who own such firearms and magazines. 

I'm not sure what they mean by, "they promote it with a despicable twist."
What's despicable about pointing out the fact that mass shooters like Loughner target innocent people? Isn't that the problem? Why would the NRA want to cover that up? What's "tasteless" about facing the hard facts and looking the truth right in the eye?
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