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NRA Member Advocates Threatening Children

Posted on the 17 November 2011 by Mikeb302000
Meet Lewis "Ken" Hanson.
Then the Buckeye Firearms Association got involved, Westerhold says, "in a very pro-active way." Using public records, the group posted on its website Westerhold's auto records, a traffic citation, a partial Social Security number, an address for property he owned, and details about his divorce and ex-wife. It also included information on how one might find out which public school Westerhold's 12-year-old daughter attended, which bus she took there, and how a photo of the girl from her school yearbook could probably be found in the local library.

Seems Kenny--when he's not threatening children--likes to campaign.  He's run for the NRA Board of Directors--and failed.  He ran for his county's prosecutor job and failed.
In Delaware Co., Ohio, the position of county prosecutor  is an appointed position.  In a heavily GOP area, Hanson failed to secure the GOP's endorsement because he was too extreme.  On his campaign website, KennyBoy promised a clean campaign: "My goal is to present my message and my qualifications to the Voters while not tearing down the competition with personal attacks."
Yet, Kenny failed to secure his county's GOP recommendation after referring to his opponent as a "whore" and suggested the GOP was engaged a large conspiracy.
Typical NRA loser.

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