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Now You See Me (2013) Review

Posted on the 19 June 2013 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Now You See Me (2013) Review

Thanks to a secret screening at Cineworld, where the audience had no idea which film we had got tickets to see. This film had a sneaky preview on Monday night. Was very pleased when we found out it was this film, as the trailer has been going around for quite a while now and it had built up suspense surrounding this film. That is something that does not disappoint . . .

Based around four magicians/illusionist who are brought together at the start of the film by a mystery person who is wearing a hood. But places a card on each of the magicians, all who do slightly different “magic” and tricks to entertain audiences. This leads to them becoming the Four Horsemen a year later, taking Vegas by storm with an incredible show when a man robs his own bank in France. But is there more to that trick than meets the eye?

This causes the four to be arrested and followed by a detective and Interpol agent from France. Not getting very far in what turn out to be very amusing interviews as they all claim that it was not actually them that done the robbery. But does everyone believe in magic and think that’s all it is? We see them completing two more shows in different states and really cause people to ask the question how?

I think the story was very well put together and this made the film pleasing and entertaining to watch from start to finish. It has many twists and turns and really keeps you guessing until the very end. I can’t really say much more than that, but I didn’t work out the big twist at the end! Totally didn’t see it coming at all, which I think made it even more enjoyable.

All members of the cast put in brilliant performances and work very well together, it is not too serious and really has a brilliant edge to it all. Having funny moments which you cannot help but smile and laugh at. The characters are all pretty likeable so no real issues with that, but will you be taken in by the Four Horsemen? Now You See Me . . .

Brilliant to see Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman exchanging a few scenes in this film, fantastic actors who help keep the edge going with the different twists throughout the film. I would recommend this film, makes for an entertaining cinema trip!

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