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Now What?

By Nicelise
Now What?So you were seeing someone, you thought it was going somewhere great and then it ended. First you're upset, naturally, because you just got broken up with. You're analyzing his words and your words. You're trying to figure out what you did wrong. Then you're telling yourself, as are your girlfriends, how you're better off without him and you start realizing that those quirks of his you thought were cute were actually a little strange.
Once you've finally finished picking apart the relationship that was, you come to this realization: I'm single. I'm completely single. While you obviously know you have family and friends, it's a strange feeling when you realize that you don't "have" someone.
I'm single. I don't have that someone thinking about me, calling me, texting me or dating me.
Some people might panic when they realize this; maybe they were in a long-term relationship or maybe this person is one of those "relationship people."
Their first instinct might be that they need to find someone else. Some as a security blanket and some for the enjoyment they feel of having someone.
But this may not be the best remedy. You can get lost in the relationships, not let yourself recover from a break up and, possibly, repeat the mistakes from prior relationships.
Once you've gotten past the breakup, I think the best way to move forward is not by looking for the next one, but rather to be your own "someone." Take care of yourself, exercise, cook yummy meals for yourself, go shopping, have fun out with your friends.
All of those things will make you feel good from the inside out and help you forget the guy that was stupid enough to break up with you. Plus, the better you're feeling about yourself the more eyes you'll catch when you're out and about without even trying.
xoxo Nickie

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