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Now That They Got Funding Time to Change the Name?

Posted on the 17 May 2018 by Worldwide @thedomains
Peoople is a friend & influencer recommendation based app that enables its users to discover restaurants, books, movies and more. They just closed their first round of funding for 500,000 Euros. They are using The name is a bit clunky, even with the trend of spelling brandables with an extra letter like or I am not sure that the double o works. Plus Time Inc, owns as a defensive registration for their People magazine. So the .co provides more confusion. The .app was registered was actually registered last week, under privacy but not regged where the .co is registered so it might be someone squatting on the name. On top of all this is available to register. In my opinion that would have been the best option if they were determined to stick with Peoople. I think with the funding coming in we might see a name change. One other note, the company is based out of Spain, maybe peoople is not so bad in their country.

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