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November Necessities

By Aworldfullofprettiness
For a while now I've noticed I've been a bit addicted to lists. And notepads. Pretty ones at that. I must have about 6 different notepads that I've only used a few pages of, but they all have different random lists in. Old lists, new lists, lists I'd forgotten about, wish lists, you name it, I have it. I really do need to just stick to one pad for my much needed lists!
Anyway! I've been thinking about it for a few days now, and seeing another blog post on November targets, it kind of hurried me on to write my own..also seeing as though it's the 1st of November and all that jazz...*pinch, punch, the first of the month* anyone remember that?!
The things I would love to get ticked off my November 'to do' list are: (and some are pretty simple achieveable targets, but thats what I like!)
*To ban chocolate for one whole month* This is a biggy for me. I'm addicted to the stuff.
*To finish my current book* This should be pretty achieveable because its not a tedious book (I heart London), its just ever since Vegas I've kinda gotten out of the reading routine.
*To be in bed by 9pm for one night each week* I've gotten into bad habits thanks to YT
*To walk the full stretch of an avenue in my town* This avenue is really pretty and is the poshest street in down (literally). There are some really amazing dream houses down there that I coo over whilst driving past. But thats all I ever do down there, drive. I never get to stop and have a proper gawpe at the awe-ness of these houses. So at some point this month, I've consulted my OH and we are going to walk the full stretch of this avenue. There and back should take us approx 2hrs, so tis good exercise too!
*To clamp down on the amount of time I spend on the laptop* I'm spending way too long on the laptop after work that I sometimes start to neglect the housework, or end up in bed really late because of it. I've also been getting bad headaches every day so I'm kinda putting it down to this too.
*To increase my daily intake of fluids* This kinda relates to the above, but I don't drink enough, basically. In an average day I probably drink approx just over a pint glass of fluid, waaaaay under what I'm meant to. I'm trying to curb my headaches and trying to rule out potential things it could be before I go to the doctors, hence these last 2 targets.
*Sort my make-up out* I have empty beauty boxes (i.e. glossy boxes and Jolie Boxes) coming out my ears. I need to get some organising system going!
*To create a to-do list for Florida next year* This will be fun if done in small doses.
I think thats a pretty achieveable list!
Do you have any targets that you'd like to achieve before the months out?
November Necessities
November Necessities

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