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November 7th Is... (Includes Printable Freebies)

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Sleeping with her brown plush bear, by Snapwire on PexelsNovember 7th is... National Hug a Bear Day, National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day, National Notary Public Day, Little League Girls Day, Face the Nation TV Premiere (1954), First Black Governor Elected (1989), National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day/National Canine Lymphoma Day, Magazine Day, Feast of Stolen Fire, International Merlot Day, St. Florentius of Strasbourg, St. Willibrord's Day, Republican Elephant Day, Employee Brotherhood Day, Day of the Hungarian Opera (Hungary), Chocolate Mud Cake Day (Sweden), Gastrointestinal Day (Germany)
MORE (1st Wednesday): International Stress Awareness Day (UK), National Eating Healthy Day, Sigd (ends), Hindu Diwali Day,
PLUS - interesting books to read and free printables, paper crafts, kid crafts, activities, and coloring pages.

Image: The Big Squeeze: Hugs and Inspirations For Every Grown-Up Who Loves Teddy Bears, by Susan Mangiero (Author). Publisher: Happy Day Press (May 18, 2017)National Hug a Bear Day
-- This is the perfect day to give a big hug to your favorite teddy bear! Celebrate Hug a Bear Day by snuggling up with your favorite Teddy Bear or purchase a new cuddly bear! You can even give out extra big bear hugs to your friends and family.
Read: The Big Squeeze: Hugs and Inspirations For Every Grown-Up Who Loves Teddy Bears
-- A sweet and uplifting gift book focused on the undeniable truth - kindness to ourselves, and others, matters. Combining enchanting photos with motivational messages, The Big Squeeze invites readers to ACCEPT everyone has ups and downs, CELEBRATE triumphs, HEAL the hurts, LOVE one another, SHARE the good times and bad and TRY new adventures when it feels right. Every page is designed to generate smiles and to offer a relaxing break from everyday stress. Great gift for anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, engagements, holidays, promotions, weddings and any time a hug is welcome.
November 7th is... (Includes Printable Freebies)Giant Teddy Teddy and Hugs Brand Bear -- Rare and hard to find anywhere else 84in size (7ft) is big on impressions, but easy on your budget for a bear this size! Everyone will be envious of this super impressive, beyond huge, bigger than life size teddy bear gift for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Holidays, or just because your love is THIS big.
Double Bear Hug Heart Charm -- A wonderful gift for that special person in your life - whether it is for a birthday, Valentines Day, an anniversary, or any other special occasion. Compatible with All Major Brand Bracelets Necklace, such as Pandora, Troll, Chamilia, Kay, Carlo Biagi, Zable, and other add-a-bead bracelets and necklaces.
• Bear Hug Wall Stickers -- Pre-cut, Peel and Stick! Won't leave a mark on your wall. You can put it by yourself indoors or outdoors! Can be applied to any smooth surface, such as glass door, window pane, ceramic tiles in kitchen or bathroom, glasses, home appliance, air-condition, and car body.
Bear Hugs Coloring Books
Free Printables, Coloring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
🤗 Printable Bear Hug — Suzy Ultman
🤗 Bear Hugs! Care Bears Activity Pages
🤗 A Good Luck Hug! Care Bears Activity
🤗 Bear Hugs Printables
🤗 Hugging a Bear Coloring Page
🤗 DIY Bear Hug Valentine
🤗 Free Printable Teddy Bear Coloring Pages
🤗 Free Hug Coupons
🤗 A Bear Hug From Me Card – Kid Craft Idea w/free printable
🤗 Cooking with Kids: Bear Hug Cookies
🤗 Bear Hugs! - PaperFections
🤗 The Ultimate Collection of Bear Activities for Preschoolers

Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
- Chocolate can provide natural health-promoting substances called flavonoids. Almonds help to improve your cholesterol levels. So, bittersweet chocolate with almonds is good for you, right!? On this special day, don't question this logic... just enjoy!
National Hug a Bear Day
- A perfect time to pamper your teddy bear with a big, warm hug. Then you could give all your best friends a big bear hug!
National Notary Public Day
- an American holiday honoring notary public. A notary public is an officer who can administer oaths and statutory declarations, witness, and authenticate documents, and perform certain other acts depending on the jurisdiction.
Little League Girls Day
- A ruling by Sylvia Pressler, the hearing examiner for the New Jersey Civil Rights Division on Nov. 7, 1973, was later upheld in the Superior Court, leading to Little League Baseball's admittance of girls into its programs. Until then, Little League regulations had prohibited girls from participating, and the change led to greater opportunities, such as those for the 10 girls who played on teams reaching the Little League Baseball World Series.
Face the Nation TV Premiere (1954)
- Face the Nation is one of the longest-running news programs in the history of television, having premiered on CBS on November 7, 1954. Each Sunday the moderator interviews newsmakers on the latest issues and delivers a short topical commentary at the end of the broadcast.
First Black Governor Elected
- In 1989, L. Douglas Wilder was elected governor of Virginia, becoming the first elected black governor in US history. Wilder had previously served as lieutenant governor of Virginia, becoming the first black elected to statewide office in the South since Reconstruction.

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