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November 2009 the Scandal That Rocked Domaining – A Look Back

Posted on the 16 November 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains

A decade ago it was the scandal that rocked the domain industry, the Snapnames Halvarez bidding scandal.

Mike wrote The 5 Most Surprising Things That Came Out Of The SnapNames Scandal

Michael Arrington wrote at TechCrunch: SnapNames: Apologies Shouldn’t Be Conditional, Especially When You Steal From Customers

Mike again posted 12,000 Auctions, 8,900 Bidders and 350,000 Bids: We Conclude Halvarez Was The Only Shill Bidder At Snapnames

In 2017 Mike reflected back to his Snapnames commentary when NameJet was having it’s own bidding problems.

The comments had a fair bit of back and forth from the likes of Mike, John Berryhill and Rick Schwartz.

So a decade later what are your thoughts on the state of the domain aftermarket and it’s participants?

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