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Notice: We’re Taking Off! Join Us!

By Attireclub @attireclub

Hello elegantologists!

Notice We're taking off, join us!
We have a very important message to communicate today! Attire Club has kept on growing during the last period of time, so we decided that our readers (and if we may, fans) really deserve the best experience they can get! This is why we are preparing a great change for the blog! In the next days or so, will get a brand new website where all the content is better accessible and organized! We also have tons of new categories, features and articles in store which we hope you will like!

It’s going to be really great and we wish to have you on board and enjoy all the new things we have coming up! More of everything we know you like!

Because AC is going to get bigger and better, we won’t be hosted on anymore, we will be self-hosted, so some users might see some changes when it comes to using the site! However, you don’t need to worry, since you are still going to receive our updates in your reader, but some features won’t be available, such as following our blog from the gray bar.Encourage all your friends to subscribe to AC so they too can enjoy all the things we have here!

To make sure you are still connected to us, once the new website is up, you can subscribe via e-mail and make sure you never lose a new post again!

Also, if you see some technical glitches until the new site is all set up (although in theory that should not be the case and be done in under one hour), please excuse us. Consider that we are in the changing room, getting ready! You’ve been there!

What do you wish to see more from us? More style guides, more commentary on cultural issues or more runway shows? What do you think we should do more of and what should we leave behind? You know that our readers’ feedback is always important to us, and we value it very much ,so we let us know how we can improve your experience!

Tell us in the comments, or, if you wish to do it privately, we have a feedback form for you (e-mail not required).


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