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Notes of Sunday Without God Episode 8

Posted on the 30 August 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Sunday Without God Episode 8

Yeah, that’s logical reasoning for staying in a concentration camp

  • Last week, Ai was abducted and taken to the notorious Goran Academy.
  • Summary: Now that Ai has been abducted and is being forced to stay at Goran Academy, she has devised a breakout with her fellow classmates. Mostly everyone is on board, except for Tanya. After Ai took a lot of work trying to convince the others that breaking out is the best thing for them to do, she decides to postpone the breakout one more day to give Tanya time to reconsider. Ai then talks to Alic, and he explains how they both share the goal of wanting to save the world, however Alic wants to “destroy the world to save it”. After that, the students finally try to break out of the school, and it turns out Tanya changed her mind and decides to come with the others. Outside, they are greeted by the headmistress, who tries to kill them. However, Alic uses his power of perfect accuracy with a firearm to deflect her bullets. She eventually backs off, and we close with Julie driving up to the academy rescue Ai.
Sunday Without God Episode 8

Okay, how many other characters in this show can’t stand Ai? I might need to start another counter…

  • My Take: It’s hard to sum up my feelings on this series right now. On one hand, it does have strong episodes in each of the two completed arcs we’ve seen. On the other hand, there are episodes like Goran Academy II which are undeniably weak. Okay, before I rage, let me go into some detail; Goran Academy II is more of a follow-up to any episode than we’ve seen previously (as in, it was better at continuing the story of Goran Academy than any other continuous episodes in an arc because of its consistency). However, that doesn’t make it a good episode. Simply put; Goran Academy is not a good arc, and I even think it wouldn’t be a good standalone series.
  • I’ve stated previously how this arc is a total deviation from the story. The majority of the time, I actually forgot that this is the same show I started watching two months ago. It’s just that different now. Now, I’ve been told that the light novel is divided up into arcs like this (since, again, I haven’t read the light novels). But that makes me wonder why the writers of the show didn’t take any liberties and just stick to one arc. That way, they could have a consistent story, and give the people who have read the novels something more than what they’ve already read.
Sunday Without God Episode 8

Oh, is that what you’re trying to do? I forgot

  • In this arc, Ai is our main focus. And when the main focus is around a character with no personality or charisma whatsoever, your series will die a painful death. I find it impossible to care about any of these new characters or the situation they, along with Ai, are in. That’s mainly because none of these character have any personality other than to be the supporting cast. No aspect of their characters makes me feel bad for the situation they’re in, and I didn’t even care if they got out of the academy. If the writers actually gave us a reason to want to see these students to escape, they wouldn’t have rushed it like they did.
  • Speaking of characters, one thing I’ve noticed about this whole series is that is seems every male character wants to be a philosopher and every female character tries to be cute all the time, making every character just a “trait” instead of a “character” (with very few exceptions). I’ve been thinking about it, and that is the reason the characters are so weak, thus rendering this show to be unenjoyable right now. Think about it; if the characters are flat, then what kind of a story do you have?
Sunday Without God Episode 8

That’s not very nice! We just like anime, that’s all…

  • Everything about this episode was off, especially the ending. If Alic’s “special power” was to always be able to hit his mark with a firearm, then why in the world did he not use that before to break out? He even had a gun with him, yet voluntarily stayed at the school. Not only that, but when Ai started crying when Tanya said she was coming with them? Why did she do that? These characters shared about 3 conversations together in the past two episodes, and yet they have such an emotional scene? I’m sorry, but that was laughable. As of now, this show has completely derailed in my opinion.

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