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Notes of Sunday Without God Episode 7

Posted on the 23 August 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Sunday Without God Episode 7

I find myself saying this all the time when I read the news

  • Last week, Ai discovered Princess Ulla’s power to kill people just by looking at them. Also, Ulla’s older sister was accepted by Scar as her parent.
  • Summary: As Julie, Ai, and Scar are traveling away from Ortus, they talk about enrolling Ai in a school. But when Julie leaves the car for a minute, Ai is abducted and brought to Goran Academy, a concentration camp that fronts as a school. She then meets the red haired boy from the other day, and he reveals himself to be Alis Color. After she talks with him, she’s informed that Goran Academy isn’t a school at all by the other students there. They reveal that everyone who is trapped inside its walls are done so because they harbor some sort of special ability. This leads to Ai and her new friends to find a way out of the school, but not before meeting Alis’s ghost, Dee Ensy Stratmitos.
Sunday Without God Episode 7

She just confused the local school for a forced labor camp. Common mistake

  • My Take: This show is really a sine wave, isn’t it? This week’s Sunday Without God was in no way a pleasant viewing experience for me, and it always seems to be good one week, then bad the next. Basically every episode I tend to dislike, multiple characters are introduced, and in this episode we see so many characters that we can’t have any attachment to whatsoever! We already have so many other characters who are central to the plot, so why should we be forced to bring any more in?
Sunday Without God Episode 7

It’s moments like this where I question why I’m still watching this show

  • I don’t know what this series is trying to be anymore. Why is she going to enroll in a school? I know that they say in the episode that she’s never had an opportunity to go to school and Julie wants to let her have the chance to, but why is she going to school? Isn’t she supposed to be saving the world? Ai seems very dedicated to saving the world, but she never has any plan to do it, and she always finds some way to deviate from saving the world. Some might argue that the point behind this episode is that she didn’t enroll in a school because she was forced to go to Goran Academy. However, that’s not the point. The point is that even if she wasn’t kidnapped, she would still be going to a school instead of trying to save the world.
  • My biggest gripe about this episode is how little I care about the episode. It was all so rushed, and can be summed up like this:

1. I’m going to school.

2. Oh no this school is a concentration camp.

3. Let’s break out of this place.

  • I would easily call this episode my least favorite of the series. Forget because it focuses on the seriously under-developed Ai almost entirely. Forget that nothing exciting or interesting happens here. I disliked this episode because it had nothing, and I mean nothing to do with the series. All of the momentum I spoke of last week can’t continue if the setting is changed so rapidly like this. And judging by how good last week’s episode was, that’s such a huge disappointment.
Sunday Without God Episode 7

No, that’s not a power. It’s just a side effect from years of heavy drug abuse

  • Go back to Ortus! Why in the world would it be a good idea to go away from the most interesting place in the entire series so far? Why does the setting shift so often? I’ve noticed that each setting takes up 3 episodes (as indicated with the names). I would usually like this idea, but not in this case. The fact of the matter is that Sunday Without God has the perfect setup to be a good show with great characters and a strong story, and it pains me to see all of this potential wasted.  I want this show to be good. I really do!

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