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Notes of Sunday Without God Episode 6

Posted on the 15 August 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Sunday Without God Episode 6

Ah, yes. A very profitable industry. Perhaps this is an origin story for the Happy Mask Salesman?

  • Last week, Ai met the Ulla, the princess of Ortus, and befriended her. But our heroes have also learned that Ulla harbors the ability to kill anyone.
  • Summary: As the team is trapped inside the walls of Ortus, Ai makes her way to Ulla to try and stop her from killing the travelers to the country. However, she is too late, and is saved from harm by Julie. Then the two are greeted by the masked, red-haired stranger who spoke to Ai earlier. He informs them that Princess Ulla is the Koroshiohake, and has the ability to kill anyone who hears her voice or comes into contact with her. Kiriko finds them, and explains that it is his job to make sure Ulla stays ignorant of her powers, and that he loves her. Ai decides that even though that lie is probably for the better, it’s best that Ulla knows of the lie that Kiriko has been letting her live with for all these years. She eventually tells Ulla about this lie, but it’s revealed that Ulla already knows. Then, everyone meets up with Scar, and they are led to a sleeping infant who is revealed to be Ulla’s older sister who has been asleep since birth because of a supposed cure her mother put on her when she wished death upon everyone. In the end, Scar accepts the child as her own.
Sunday Without God Episode 6

Oh, hi Captain Bringdown. How’s life been treating you?

  • My Take: Redemption! Well, for the most part, anyway. This episode was quite a refreshing way to wash away the bad taste that last week’s episode left in my mouth. Here, instead of brushing off the severity of the grim situation our heroes find themselves in, they embrace it full force. Ai finally starts to understand that life here is cruel, and it only took her witnessing over a hundred people suddenly being murdered to do so. But here’s the bottom line about Ai as a character; give her something interesting to do/say, and she’ll be an interesting character. And you know what? She wasn’t all that bad in this episode. There, I said it!
  • I knew that Kiriko had a more interesting relationship regarding Ulla. I think any relationship that has obvious difficulties is a nice story to tell, and his love for Ulla is anything but easy. He obviously regards her in high respect and admiration, however he has been forced to lie to her for their entire relationship. It would be hard to keep up a façade like that to someone who means so much to you.
Sunday Without God Episode 6

This character will never cease to freak me out

  • Finally they give an explanation to the circumstances of the world and to why nobody can die. It is interesting how Ulla seems to be at the center of everything, even if she doesn’t wish to be. In the end once we find out about how Ulla was granted her unfortunate powers, I started to feel very bad for this character. She has basically been forced to live with a handicap like this her whole life thanks to forces outside of her control. It means she can’t see, touch, or talk to anyone. Basically, it has isolated her from society. And that can be absolute torture to some people, and it seems to be that way to her. And we now know that the story does revolve around her. I’m very interested to see where her arc finally ends up.
  • Like I say constantly about this show, most of the characters and circumstances are extremely interesting. Now, we finally get more information about a lot of characters. Although I would like to see more of Julie, since he seems to be the most reserved person of our team, I was happy with this episode and the characterization. Also, that red-haired stranger we’ve met a couple of times might have more of an involvement in the series. So that’s another character that we can look forward to meeting and loving/hating.
Sunday Without God Episode 6

In my mind, all I see is a scene from Mission Hill in this picture…

  • I love this show when it becomes serious. The fact of the matter is that Sunday Without God is a serious show. So when we get an episode that is all about serious subjects, we’ll get a good quality episode. Episode 6 has hopefully set up the premise for what’s going to be in the rest of the series, and I have no complaints about that.

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