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Notes of Sunday Without God Episode 11

Posted on the 20 September 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Sunday Without God Episode 11

Have you ever tried telling the outside world how you feel about them?

Last week, our heroes were transported to a mysterious world where time repeats itself in one-year intervals.

Summary: Ai, Julie, Scar, Alis, and Dee are still trying to rescue Class 3-4 from the time-loop, but they first need to figure out what caused it to start in the first place. Ai concludes that the time loop started on July 28th, which was a day before the school festival. Alis then begins dropping clues for Ai to find, yet Dee finds finds them to destroy them, but she forgets about one which Ai eventually finds. Ai learns that Dee accidentally fell to her death on July 28th, which began the time loop. After confronting Ai about this, she then confesses her love for Alis, but tells her that it wouldn’t be possible to happen because she’s bound to the area of the time loop, and if it were to be destroyed as Alis wants, Dee would cease to exist.

Sunday Without God Episode 11

Thankfully, this is just a flashback, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if they added a basketball subplot

  • My Take: It seems all of our heroes are still trapped in this mysterious time loop, yet I still can’t figure out why they’re there, or what significance this arc has to do with anything else we’ve seen in this show (unless it is the cause for people being unable to die, but that’s such a thin connection). Last week’s episode was a little rocky for me, and this week’s episode was much of the same. Don’t get me wrong, Class 3-4 isn’t a bad arc by any means, but it’s just such a deviation from all of the previous arcs which makes it a little harder to get invested.
Sunday Without God Episode 11

Come on! If you had the opportunity to tell people how you died, why be truthful when you could make it spectacular?

  • This episode, Class 3-4 II, seemed like a lot of dialog that basically summed up to nothing. The main aspects of the episode (Dee loves Alis and she will die if the loop is destroyed) could have been explained in five minutes, and far less melodramatically. I’d say that this is just further proof that Sunday Without God doesn’t know what it’s trying to be. We have so many different plots thrown at us, and not one of them is seen through to the end.
  • Julie had one line of dialog in this entire episode. One line! Why push him to the side all the time? Heck, I wish the show were about him. He has such an interesting back story that we never get to hear much about. I care much more about his life than the drama that Ai, Alis, and Dee go through.
  • The plot for this time loop arc is actually sort of interesting, but it should serve as its own separate show. Alis shows his determination to ending the loop (which pretty much turned him into the cold person he is), and Dee’s infinitely unreciprocated love for him could be a little heartbreaking if given the proper development and time. But as with every arc in this show, it’s rushed. Thanks to that, I feel no connection to these situations.
  • I kept on reminding myself that Hampnie Hambart was once in this show. And that the dead don’t die. And that there was once a city called Ortus. I miss them all.
Sunday Without God Episode 11

And thus, subplot #22,309 in Sunday Without God was born

  • In the end, though, I didn’t much care for this episode. I stated previously that the premise for this could have worked well, but here, it’s executed poorly. On a positive note, we finally do get a deeper glimpse into the characters of Alis and Dee, and any character development I see, I like! I just wished they’d taken the time to develop these characters before this episode so it’d have a deep impact on me.
  • Well, we have one more episode left of this show. I don’t know how they plan on wrapping this show up, but they have to try pretty hard to tie up all the loose ends every arc created and to tie everything that has happened so far back to the main plot of the series; trying to save the world! Do you think it can be done? I’ll reserve judgment until I see it, but my hopes aren’t too high.

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