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Notes of Space Dandy Episode 10

Posted on the 13 March 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Space Dandy Episode 10

What’s this about Space Dandy having a story all of the sudden?!

  • Last week on Space Dandy, Dandy and Meow were transported to a planet inhabited by hyper-intelligent plants.

Summary of Space Dandy Episode 10

  • Dandy, Meow, and QT stumble across Meow’s home planet after their ship gets damaged and decide to stay with Meow’s family while their ship is awaiting repairs. But thanks to a jolt of energy which scattered across the universe when a Gogol mech got destroyed, it caused instability in the structure of time and space in Meow’s house and forced them all to relive the same day over and over again. After the crew realized this, Meow attempts to bond with his father while Dandy determines that the calendar in the house’s inability to change is the cause of the loop. After trying everything to solve the problem, the crew asks Meow’s father to help them, which he does and is able to solve. After that, the next day came, and the crew was finally able to leave.

My Take

  • So Dandy and the crew finally visit Meow’s home planet? I wouldn’t say that I was really wanting to see Meow’s life back on his home planet, but it gave us one of the only instances of character development we’ve seen in the series. But trying to develop Meow’s character sounds like a risky undertaking at first. Thankfully, it was pulled off beautifully.
Space Dandy Episode 10

One advantage of a time loop is how it helps you get to know new people at your own pace…

...see? Dandy took the time to learn something new about somebody!

…see? Dandy took the time to learn something new about somebody!

  • At first I noticed that we finally get some explanation as to what the Gogol Empire is doing! … but it was a very brief scene, and only happened as a means to initiate what happened in this episode. Sure, it wasn’t a lot, but hey, at least they gave us some information. I thought that we were finally going to know exactly why the Gogol Empire has been perusing Dandy, but I suppose we’ll have to wait some more time before that gets explained. Oh well. Onto more important things.
  • Who would have guessed that Meow’s back story could be so saddening. It’s basically a story about how life can get in the way of dreams, and vice-versa. Meow essentially said that he didn’t want to live on such a boring planet where nothing happened, so he left to see the universe. But that seems to make him feel ashamed of his decision which he might have seen as himself abandoning his family and the factory. So there’s a great deal of guild throughout this episode.
Space Dandy Episode 10

Knowing this series, they’re probably going to get superpowers in a future episode

  • That was just as interesting as the time-loop conundrum. It actually reminded me of the infamous “Endless Eight” in the Haruhi Suzumiya series, only here, it’s fleshed out for only one episode and not half of the season (yes, I was actually dumb enough to watch every episode in that series). Also, I feel that it’s handled much more interestingly in Space Dandy because in this universe, once the crew discovers that they’re caught in a time loop, they immediately know it even when time loops around again. Actually, it reminds me more of the 1993 film Groundhog Day. I think that’s a more fitting comparison.
Space Dandy Episode 10

Cool, I love Galaga!

  • Aside from the general intrigue that comes with science fiction, this episode really was great. The character development was great and the mood was actually pretty somber. I actually felt sympathy for Meow because of his conflicting desires of not livin on his home planet and not letting his father down by not becoming a metal worker. It’s weird that I actually felt for Meow since his entire purpose is to be comedic relief. Good job, writers.
  • The entire episode just gave me such a claustrophobic feeling. It was like being trapped in there with the crew, feeling the same seriousness of the situation. It was great at throwing me into the hopelessness of the situation. The funniest part came from the resolution where the crew actually resorted to Yahoo Answers and Google to help them out of the time loop. That was legitimately the funniest part of the episode! But this episode wasn’t for the laughs. It was most definitely for the emotional attachment.
  • There was a part where somebody said something about the Mobius. How can I resist putting in this reference?
Space Dandy Episode 10

I don’t know, Meow. She might just be saying that to spare your feelings

  • “There’s Always Tomorrow, Baby” was another serious episode. All of the previous serious episodes in this series have been my favorite, and this is no exception. I loved this episode. It was just perfect.

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