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Notes of Space Dandy Episode 1

Posted on the 06 January 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Space Dandy Episode 1

Spike Spiegel in his younger days. Don’t worry, he was going through a weird phase and eventually grew out of it

  • Summary of Space Dandy Episode 1: Opening with a monolog from our protagonist, Dandy, we learn that he is upset by how people marvel at “boobies”, as he puts it. He believes that men should marvel at asses instead! This brings Dandy and his robot companion, QT, to a “breastaurant” called “Boobies” in search for new alien species. While there, they come across a cat-like alien who they call “Meow”. They then recruit Meow to be their guide to finding undiscovered aliens through the deepest reaches of the universe. On one mission, they come across a planet with gigantic life forms, who then proceed to duke it out. Dandy and Meow are both caught in the middle of this, and one of the humongous aliens accidentally gets beamed aboard Dandy’s ship with QT. Dandy then asks QT to use his “last reserve weapon” to blow up the ship and the planet they’re on.
Space Dandy Episode 1

I was told this show wasn’t even trying to be subtle. I was not disappointed

  • My Take: “Space Dandy is a dandy in space!”

    I have to admit, that line didn’t do a great job on selling me on this show. But the powerhouse staff that was behind Space Dandy helped get me regain my interest. And you know what? I’m glad I decided to give it a chance, because episode one was a lot of things, and disappointing was not one of them.

Space Dandy Episode 1

That’s what’s great about sci-fi; a character as eccentric as Dandy won’t stick out at all

  • The show centers around a man named Dandy in the future where man has explored the outermost reaches of the universe. Dandy’s job is to find new, undiscovered species of aliens and catalog them with the help of his robot companion, QT. As a huge space/sci-fi junkie, I honestly had a great deal of bias based on that premise, and I might hold that bias throughout the series. But that’s not a bad thing.
  • I like the character design. Everything is over-exaggerated. Just look at Dandy! But he’s not the best part of the design; we have a slew of undiscovered aliens to discover along with Dandy! With shows like this, one of my favorite aspects is the crazy design of alien life forms. What I’ve seen so far in the designs are neat, and I can’t wait to see what other creative aliens our heroes will come across.
  • Any show that starts out with the dialogue, “Boobs, boobs – that’s what everyone says.” has to be promising. And…wow, there were lots of boobs. So much to the point where it’s not even fan service. It’s the ultimate parody of fan service. When your protagonist visits an establishment called “Boobies” in the first five minutes of the first episode, you know you’ve got a parody on your hands. And as someone who hates fan service, I laughed my ass off every time they over-exaggerated it!
  • The descriptions of this show never hinted at some intergalactic war, and yet, we only see that happening in the background. And Dandy is somehow tied to it? I don’t know, it’s not explained very well. And I think that was the intent. It’s like, “Hey, we got this huge war that will most likely alter the state of life as we know it…but first, BOOBIES!!” Humor like that really works on me, and this episode was full of stuff like that. I haven’t laughed at an anime this frequently in a loooooooong time.
Space Dandy Episode 1

It’s like Star Trek, only much more fabulous

  • So far, the three characters that I can assume will be our protagonists on this journey are pretty neat. Dandy is a lot of fun as the boozing, skirt-chasing alien hunter. QT is also fun as the outdated robot companion. Meow, an alien who looks like a cat, takes on the role as their guide across the universe. I like how all three of the main characters are different species. It just makes all three of them more unique in different ways.
  • I can’t believe how the episode ended with a cliffhanger, though. Dandy blew up his spacecraft and the planet he was on. RIP. The end. Or not…? Well, it obviously isn’t the end. So I’m incredibly curious as to how they start the second episode after…that.
Space Dandy Episode 1

This show about alien hunting with a robot and a cat-alien in deep space totally lost me on its realism with this scene

  • It can easily be said that the first episode of Space Dandy was a real treat. What we got was a combination of fan-service and self-awareness, and enough of both to make Space Dandy bursting with humor at every corner. With fun characters, beautiful backgrounds, and a premise that is simple and enjoyable, this show seems to have a lot to offer based on this fantastic debut.

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