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Notes of Magical Warfare Episode 2

Posted on the 18 January 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Magical Warfare Episode 2 Magical Warfare Episode 2 Magical Warfare Episode 2

Oh, hi there generic-human-hating villain. I look forward to complaining about you more in the future

  • Last week on Magical Warfare, Mui stumbles into the world of the humans and accidentally turns Takeshi and his friends into magicians.

  • Summary of  Magical Warfare Episode 2: With Takeshi and his friends now as magicians, they have a choice whether to become magicians and study magic at the academy, or be stripped of their magical abilities and return to the world of the humans. They decide to keep their powers, and begin to learn not only about how to use their magic, but of those who use dark magic. Into his first class, Takeshi realizes that he needs an Aspect. After being escorted to the Aspect show in the school by Mui, he comes across a sword that once belonged to a great magician and decides to use it as his Aspect. Then, we see two wizards sitting in a car outside of a cathedral where it’s revealed one of the wizards murdered everybody inside the cathedral.
Magical Warfare Episode 2 Magical Warfare Episode 2 Magical Warfare Episode 2 Magical Warfare Episode 2

She lies. There’s never a simple explanation in this show

  • My Take: Okay, this episode wasn’t as bad as the first episode, but it wasn’t much better. A lot of the problems I had with the first episode are still showing through here. This is yet another episode where all of the dialog is exposition. Instead of trying to build characters, the writers just wanted to explain what’s going on, and even that was contrived. It’s nice that some of the exposition in this episode actually helped move the narrative along, however.
  • What is with this obsession with youth in anime? Why does everybody have to be a high school student? Why do all of the high-ranking faculty members at an academy have to be young women? It’s getting old. I just can’t take this show seriously when they person explaining the whole “magic wars” is probably nothing more than 15 years old. Why is she the headmaster? Why is it all about youth?
  • Well, at least the headmaster scolded Mui for recklessly going into the world of the humans. So she’s immediately my favorite character… until we’re introduced to “Pops”. Every show about magic/combat needs the wise, old, combat expert to give us somebody to like. It just makes me so sad that we’re probably not going to ever see these characters again.
  • Takeshi gets a sword used by one of the great 15 magicians! What a coincidence! They even said that the sword’s previous owner is now a human, and it was a woman! This show is so coincidental that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was Takeshi’s mom who was one of these so-called great magicians, and he now uses her old sword.
Magical Warfare Episode 2 Magical Warfare Episode 2 Magical Warfare Episode 2

Yes. But that’s just because I’ve read Harry Potter

  • Halfway through this episode, I started to draw parallels to Harry Potter. Let’s count the ways they’re similar:
    1. There was a great magic war that happened when our heroes were very young.
    2. The series revolves around three protagonists; two boys and one girl.
    3. There is a league of dark wizards in opposition to the good wizards.
    4. Having something explode in their first class.
    5. The students enroll in a magic academy, which is safe from the dark wizards.
  • Maybe I’m just looking too far into it, but my point remains the same; if I wanted to watch Harry Potter, I’d just stick to watching Harry Potter. I don’t need a rip-off of it, especially if it’s much less entertaining.
Magical Warfare Episode 2 Magical Warfare Episode 2

Anime, what is wrong with you? Why do you always create such stupid weapons?

  • I said that this series needed to drastically improve by the second episode for it to be worth anything. After seeing this episode, I’m convinced that the series won’t amount to anything at all. Instead of giving the viewer something to latch on to every week, the people behind this show decided to turn it into another run-of-the-mill school-set anime with magic undertones. Think of it; when you have a series literally called “Magical Warfare”, why would you ever think of making it about learning magic? Who cares about the learning process? Not me, at the very least.

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