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Notes of Glasslip Episodes 5 & 6

Posted on the 08 August 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Notes of Glasslip

Don’t worry, there’s no chicken in there.

Last time on Glasslip, Yanagi sprains her ankle, Yukinari is convinced that Touko is more interested in the elusive Kakeru than him, and Hiro and Sachi go out. But what is Touko to think when she witnesses Kakeru and Yanagi sheltering from the rain and in an ‘embrace’. Are her best friends really distancing themselves from her in this short summer break?

I was away last week, hence the reason why I’m doing a double review, so to speak…

Summary of Glasslip Episodes 5 & 6

  • Yanagi accompanies Yukinari on a summer track meet, where he is outshined by his fellow runners easily. After meeting with Sachi, Touko decides to visit Kakeru at his home, where he tells her Yanagi will confess to Yukinari after all. After her confession, Yanagi tells him that she knows Yukinari is only interested in Touko, and that she wants an even balance between the three, in fear of losing respect of either one of them.
  • Later, in episode 6, the gang of 5 suggest a fireworks display before their exams, and invites Kakeru to come. When he declines and tells Yukinari too much information about him and Yanagi, he punches him. Later on, the two duel in the schoolyard, but Yanagi stops Kakeru by slapping him. After admitting he was in the wrong, Kakeru asks Touko that she be on his side. Then he reveals that the voices he’s been hearing are of Touko, of which she responds that she sees him too.

My take

  • Something clicked while I was watching these 2 shows, and I don’t know why I haven’t noticed it before. Probably because I’m too used to every slice-of-life show having long scenes. Instead here on Glasslip, scenes are here, there and everywhere…it is rather hard to catch up on what’s actually going on. And sometimes I feel so so incredibly awkward……when nothing happens. Kind of reminiscent of the first episode, where the 5 BFF were happy with their BFF lifestyle. Think I can get used to this though; I mean, it’s not like this ‘sudden scene change’ format is going to disappear in this show.
  • And so this is one of the reasons why I’m finding this show very mixed and all over the place. Sure it has an okay story, with some okay characters (and some terrible ones). But a show that was supposed to be all sparkly super-ultra-high HD turns out not to work, definitely when scenes just suddenly stop, and pencil swishes appear out of nowhere, not to mention the additional chibis that also arrive out of nowhere (and are completely unnecessary).

Notes of Glasslip

  • Well, despite all of that, I didn’t expect that Yanagi would grow on me. She’s starting to show her spots now. Shooing away leering athletes, standing up to Kakeru, actually confessing to Yukinari……and here was me thinking she’d be in the background. Desperate to keep her supple skin, she brings an umbrella to the track meet.  The sole highlight of episode 5. But as for her confession, I didn’t know what to think. I guess I’d be awkward too if I were put in Yukinari’s pathetic little running shoes. She knew Touko didn’t want him, so in her eyes the two girls would still be BFF right? Ultimately she wants things to stay the way they are, since she’s too afraid of losing both Touko and new step-brother.
Notes of Glasslip

Say it like you mean it.

  • But that schoolyard standoff actually threw me back. And I respected her to do the decent thing and slap Kakeru hard; something everyone in the world (fictionally and non-fictionally) wanted to do, except Touko and the entirely stupid and oblivious Hiro.
  • Yukinari and Sachi saw threw him straightaway from episode 1, Yanagi despises his guts now, Hiro left the show a couple of episodes ago, so it just bewilders me what the hell Touko sees in him. Could be some silly schoolgirl love thing (since she’s not interested in Yukinari), or could be that she’s just plain crazy. Whatever the reason, it seems that whatever happens, and whoever gets hurt in the process, Kakeru just does not care. But I don’t think it’s because he’s an antagonist; it’s because of his own long-standing belief that goes along the lines of “It’ll-happen-anyway-so-I-might-as-well-just-do-nothing-and-tell-the-hard-and-brutal-truth”. A belief that, obviously, conflicts with the others.
  • So now what am I going to do? Just enjoy these guys fighting over Touko? Seeing Yanagi strut her stuff and pawn over Yukinari in a step-sibling tsundere way? Or watch Hiro and Sachi do…well…nothing? Well whatever. Things are starting to liven up now, and that’s always a good thing. Although in this show, it just came too late; the action should have started much earlier ago.
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Notes of Glasslip Episodes 5 & 6
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Notes of Glasslip Episodes 5 & 6
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