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Notes of Glasslip Episode 7

Posted on the 16 August 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Glasslip Episode 7

Because you don’t need enough trouble in town.

Last week on Glasslip, as the summer break is drawing to a close, the group suggest a fireworks display for Sachi since she missed the last one. Kakeru is asked to come, much to Yukinari’s disgust. He declines the invitation, but when he brings up too much information about Yukinari’s relationship to Touko and his step-sister Yanagi, he punches him. But later, as he apologises, Kakeru challenges him to a race……for who gets Touko and who gets Yanagi. Witnessing this, Yanagi is outraged and slaps Kakeru hard. But it’s not long when Kakeru reveals the voices he hears are from Touko, of which she replies her visions are of him.

Summary of Glasslip Episode 7

  • As Touko and Kakeru get closer, the others begin to wonder whether they can all stay together or not. Sachi is admitted to a hospital for more tests, giving Hiro more time to visit her. A visit to the beach is arranged, but realising that Sachi might stay at the hospital for longer, as well as the fact that Kakeru might come too, it is cancelled, but Sachi decides not to tell Touko, which makes Hiro upset. Touko and Kakeru go anyway, but Yanagi runs into them, and tells him it’s his fault the group is splitting apart.

My take

  • Wow, finally! This has become one great big soap opera we’ve been waiting for this summer! Broken hearts, jealousy, illness, and the current antagonist being singled out, all in one episode. Ok, wait, scratch that. What’s new in any slice-of-life show involving silly schoolkids? But already, I was crawling at my bedroom walls. I thought I was really going to like Touko in this show, but since meeting David, she’s completely alienated herself from the others, effectively. Idiot puppydog says he can’t be in the same room with her, Sachi’s ready with her can of mace, but after last week, Yanagi has just made herself the chairman of the ‘I Hate David’ fanclub.
Glasslip Episode 7

Who would win this fight? We all know who.

  • Last week’s slap was fantastic to watch! Yanagi was already growing on me as the show passed, and then she had to go and do that to the person everyone hates. Couldn’t get any better than that in my eyes! Yes, EVERYONE hates him! But of course, he’ll just shrug it off, with his “I-can’t-change-the-future-so-why-bother-doing-anything?” mantra. A mantra that, somehow, has put little hearts in Touko’s super HD eyes. And now Yanagi’s showing more of her true colours by openly admitting her hatred of him to Touko. Didn’t make me feel any pity for Touko whatsoever; she’s brought this all on herself. Well, regardless, I think Yanagi will have to do something really stupid now for me not to like her anymore. An actual physical fight with Touko with the others watching would something truly worthwhile to watch at this point. Something to put on pay-per-view, perhaps.
  • And Yukinari still thinks he has a chance with Touko!?!?!? Like I said with the crawling the bedroom walls thing……yeah…
Glasslip Episode 7


  • But poor little Sachi. No really, she gets the feels too this week. She decided to beat Hiro to it this week, which was both amazing and hilarious, but it still hasn’t swayed me into liking Hiro. Whether she’s genuinely keen on having him as a boyfriend or it just being a cover to make her mother happy is something else, though. Either way, the pair are doing the same thing they’ve been doing since Hiro decided to take the next step: read, and read, and read some more. But later, the impossible happens: Hiro frowns. Didn’t make me feel sorry there either, and it wasn’t because I don’t like him either. It was just the fact that Sachi’s attempt to drive David away from her beloved Touko went totally sour…I mean, I love Sachi, but that was kind of stupid. I thought she would do something better than that, like hire a hitman or something.
Glasslip Episode 7

“…for my sake, at least!”

  • And now Touko’s little sister wants some screen time. Cute.
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Notes of Glasslip Episode 7
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Notes of Glasslip Episode 7
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