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Notes of Glasslip Episode 4

Posted on the 24 July 2014 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Glasslip Episode 4

Finally she sees the light!!!

Last week on Glasslip, after meeting Kakeru again, Touko is still very curious about these visions she has. Then on an arranged camping trip with the group, Yanagi asks Touko how she feels about Yukinari, after he confessed to her in Episode 2, and is relieved to hear that she has no romantic feelings for him. Meanwhile, Sachi grows more attached to Touko, but as the group leave the campsite, Touko suddenly has another vision; this time of Sachi. But she has no time to ask her if she feels okay before she drives away.

Summary of Glasslip Episode 4

  • At his home, Kakeru ‘hears’ something from the future, but he can’t tell who says it and when. On the other side of town, Yanagi sprains her ankle, Touko is still in wonder about her new ‘ability’, but decides to carry on with her daily routine of working at the glassblowers and sketching chickens at school, to take her mind off it all. Bumping into her at school, Yukinari is now certain that Touko’s interested more in Kakeru than him, which makes him want to distance himself from her. Later on, coming home from school, Touko spots Yanagi and Kakeru sheltering from the rain in an ‘embrace’. And Hiro actually asks Sachi out!!!

My Take

  • All the characters are finally blooming now…in their own way. To be honest, I didn’t expect this kind of episode. Sure, it was a bit of a filler, but I think it’s good now that the show’s nothing like it was in Episode 1, where boredom ruled over the characters, the setting, and the story. But aside from seeing the characters for what are (or what they potentially could be), there’s just nothing remarkable about this one.
  • So even if I do like Touko and Sachi, do I dare say that having Kakeru around to wreck people’s lives is a good thing? Yukinari is still emo, Yanagi is still jealous, and Sachi’s still sensitive and caring, and highly protective of her crush. This being your typical slice-of-life show with conflicting schoolkids in love with each other, what do you expect really?
Notes of Glasslip Episode 4

It’s rude to stare and grin inanely, buddy!

  • Also, I’m not entirely sure what to make of Yanagi now. In past episodes, I’ve just seen her as one soppy schoolgirl. She still is, with the “I-like-him-so-if-you-touch-him-I’ll-kill-you-you-backstabbing-bitch” manner about her still. She says to Touko that she lied to her, saying she never intended to confess to Yukinari. I think the relationship between her and Yukinari is a bit awkward; they are step-siblings now, so perhaps their new relationship is more family-focused. Yanagi’s obviously very jealous of Touko, since she already knows Yukinari is prepared to do anything for Touko. Tsundere, maybe? I wonder what it would be like to have a tsundere imouto, like Kirino perhaps? Don’t bother asking Yukinari; he just doesn’t care.

Glasslip Episode 4

  • But this might stir things up between those two. Kakeru doing what does best, and ruining other peoples’ lives by breaking up friendships and being the self-centered little brat that he is. But right now, I don’t see what Yanagi sees in him. The atypical shelter from the rain scene is just too awkward, with neither of them feeling kind of emotion. Okay, so we all know Kakeru is just Kyubey incarnated, but I really expected more from Yanagi. Or is it merely the case that, after we know she didn’t really want to confess to Yukinari after all, she’s just back playing the silly little schoolgirl role again, and just decides to fall into the arms of the nearest cute (dare I say cute) boy? Probably.
  • And I know I said I wouldn’t mention that other guy anymore, but now he’s finally flexed his puny muscles and asked Sachi out, so does that count? Well, we still can’t entirely figure out Sachi now. She certainly likes Touko a lot, and her other friends fret over her, but Hiro’s still the same puny little thing he’s been throughout the entire show. Well we all care more about Sachi than him anyway…
Glasslip Episode 4

Do guys seriously wear vests in movie theaters?

  • This show had better get better, and fast! Get Yukinari and Kakeru fighting. Or Touko and Yanagi fighting, for that matter. Get Sachi to come out of her shell. And tell Hiro to just leave the show. Why not bring out even more chickens while we’re on a roll here?
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Notes of Glasslip Episode 4
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Notes of Glasslip Episode 4
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